The Global Treasure Hunt Solved

I’ve actually been meaning to announce this for a while. But someone has solved the final riddle to the treasure hunt. Congratulations to Tom for being the first to solve the riddle. I’d also like to give a shout out to Gisela for solving the riddle shortly after, and to the numerous others who sent … More The Global Treasure Hunt Solved

The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #5, the Final Riddle!

So it’s been a couple weeks since I released the fourth riddle to my Global Treasure Hunt. But someone has already solved it. You guys are so clever. So here’s the solution: Find an ashen landWith rock of red and black and white,And begin by a burial long past.Take the northern pathUntil the way rings … More The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #5, the Final Riddle!

Happy Hunting

I have completed preparations for the treasure hunt. But there’s been a change of plans: no picture. Just a poem. From these 14 lines you will have everything you need to find the prize. What is the prize? Glad you should ask. I had an old ring in my possession studded with a multicolored opal. … More Happy Hunting