The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #3

You all are incredible at riddles. Enough of you have figured out the second riddle so I will post the third riddle now.

The second tin is in Stockholm, a city known for its canals and islands. Begin in Humlegarden, which has green leaves, and is also home to the Royal Library whose books have white leaves. Walk on to Karlaplan, which was created in honor of all the kings named Karl and has a lovely fountain at its center. Then go south towards the bridge. At the southern part of the bridge there is a statue of a lady looking westwards. You’ll be guided towards a few museums, one of which (the Vasa Museum) features a sunken ship. Don’t go that far though because the tin is by the children’s museum, under a stone where 5 pathways meet.

Now then! On to the next riddle:

Gazers throw their sight,
Not up where the Great one sups,
Nor to the calling of the dead,
But after a century, elsewhere
Towards a bright road.
There you’ll find where children play.
And behind the right foot
Of the closest bench
Lies the tin.


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