The Global Treasure Hunt

The Global Treasure Hunt has begun! For fans of treasure hunts like The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, or even the treasure hunt I did not too long ago, here’s an even better one for you. I’ve buried 5 metal tins across Europe, each about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. Below you can see a picture of one of the tins.

I will give you one riddle to help you find the first tin. Inside of the first tin is another riddle leading you to the second tin, which contains a riddle to the third, and so on. Only the final tin will have a treasure inside of it. What is the treasure? That’s a secret šŸ˜‰

Before I give you the riddle, let me say a few things. The tins should all be buried shallow enough for you to find them with a metal detector. Also, they aren’t buried anywhere where you would get in trouble for digging. Well, at the very least, I didn’t get in trouble when I started digging.

In addition, be aware that just because I wrote about a certain city on my blog doesn’t mean there is a tin buried there. I did not write about every city I’ve been to because I knew it might give you hints. Travel is surprisingly cheap in Europe.

Finally, if you find a tin, I ask you to do either of two things: 1. take a picture of the riddle for yourself and rebury the tin so someone else can find it or 2. write to me with the second riddle. Then I’ll post the second riddle for everyone to see. The first option gives you an advantage, but I think it’s in your best interest to hear other people’s ideas. Besides, after a while, I may post the next riddle anyway.

Without further ado, here is the first riddle:

The tin lies west
Of a great, watchful eye
In range of His hourly chime.
Past bronze men,
Where bird and beast meet,
Take the road
Towards the five fallen.
Beyond morning’s shadow,
The tin hides round
A grassy field
At the base of a tree,
Alone, except for splayed seats,
Shed leaves, and sundry feathers.

The first riddle has been solved. On to the next riddle!


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