The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #5, the Final Riddle!

So it’s been a couple weeks since I released the fourth riddle to my Global Treasure Hunt. But someone has already solved it. You guys are so clever. So here’s the solution:

Find an ashen land
With rock of red and black and white,
And begin by a burial long past.
Take the northern path
Until the way rings true.
Then follow signs onward and upward.
You’ll find the tin
Above a bench
Beneath a bed of stones.

The ashen land is Santorini, which was once the site of a large volcanic eruption. It is known for its gorgeous beaches like Red Beach, Black Beach, and White Beach. Begin by the Akrotiri ruins, where the civilization itself was buried long ago. Then follow the road that goes north. Follow it even as it curves west. You’ll find a church with a large set of bells. Walk past the bells. You’ll see signs for the Venetian Castle, which sits up atop a hill. Follow them until you see a bench built into the wall. The tin is beneath a pile of stones above the bench.

Now then. Here is the final riddle. It is meant to be the hardest, but if you can solve it, the prize is yours. Good luck!

Bones lie west of victory,
But success sits by woman’s watch.
The trees are half-grown,
Yet too high to see.
And from the doctor
Look east to north,
Where the prize lies
Beyond the sky,
Between two benches,
And before the lonely tree.

Okay. And to clarify about the prize. Initially, I was going to put the prize in the tin. That was the plan when I wrote the first clue and posted it. But as I went to bury the tin, I realized you probably wouldn’t be able to come get it. So I ended up only burying my contact information. As for you guys, if you solve the riddle, you can contact me and we’ll work out the logistics. Anyway, good luck!


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