The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #2

Since multiple people have gotten the first riddle to The Global Treasure Hunt, I will release the second riddle. But first let me explain where the first Tin was buried. The first riddle refers to a great, watchful eye and an hourly chime, which many of you correctly assumed to be the London Eye and Big Ben. Then you must go past Parliament Square, where there are several bronze statues, to where bird and beast meet (Birdcage Walk and Horse Guards Road). Go north to the Guards Memorial. Then go west into St. James Park, which is known for its various types of birds and is often accompanied by splayed seats for people to sit in. There is a “round” area called the Bandstand. Directly across from it is a tree standing by itself. You will find the Tin by the roots directly across from the Bandstand.

Now then! Time for the second riddle:

Start in a city by the sea
Known for many a watery way.
First find a regal place
With leaves of green
And leaves of white.
Then walk on to another royal region.
Stay, if you like, to look and to listen
To a long, murmuring whir.
But you best be on,
Beyond the bridge
Whose lady’s glance guides you.
Between museums and sunken ship,
At roads’ meeting,
Find the Tin under stone.


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