The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle 4

So apparently the third riddle was pretty difficult. It’s been nearly a year. No one has guessed the location, but I don’t want you guys to get tired of the hunt. I’ve heard a lot of your ideas, and you were all so close. So to keep you interested, I’m going to reveal the answer to the third riddle and give you the next riddle.


Gazers throw their sight,
Not up where the Great one sups,
Nor to the calling of the dead,
But after a century, elsewhere
Towards a bright road.
There you’ll find where children play.
And behind the right foot
Of the closest bench
Lies the tin.

The third tin is in Paris. You wouldn’t know that, except by looking at context, but the biggest clue should be the “calling of the dead,” which refers to the Catacombs.

Anyway, the “gazers” in the first line refer to an observatory as many of you guessed. The Paris Observatory. It doesn’t look up. Up means north, so you don’t even need to know where the Great one sups.

But for the curious, I am referring to Bar Hemingway in the Ritz Paris. It’s named after Ernest Hemingway, but F. Scott Fitzgerald was also a regular. Fitzgerald once said, “If I die and go to Heaven, I would like it to resemble the bars of the Ritz Paris.” Yes, Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time. But that is not the entire point. Notice that I capitalized “great,” but not “one.” I am drawing your attention to this one word as a reference to The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald’s most famous work.

Then I mention the dead, who are south at the Catacombs. So the tin isn’t in that direction either. So east or west? East! This I think was the hardest clue, but I hoped you’d look east or west for noticeable landmarks. Not far east from the observatory is La Santé Prison. Georges Brassens sang about the prison. In one song, he sings, “After a century, was thrown / At the door of La Santé.”

That’s a tough one, so you could have ignored it and looked for a bright road: Avenue Edison. Yes, as in Thomas Edison. At the start of the road is Jardin des Deux-Moulins. Since there is a playground, children definitely play there. Go to the closest bench, just left of the entrance, and find the tin behind the right foot of the bench.

On to the next riddle!

Fourth Riddle

Find an ashen land
With rock of red and black and white,
And begin by a burial long past.
Take the northern path
Until the way rings true.
Then follow signs onward and upward.
You’ll find the tin
Above a bench
Beneath a bed of stones.

Happy hunting guys! Remember the tin will be in Europe.


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