Happy Hunting

I have completed preparations for the treasure hunt. But there’s been a change of plans: no picture. Just a poem. From these 14 lines you will have everything you need to find the prize.

What is the prize? Glad you should ask. I had an old ring in my possession studded with a multicolored opal. Jewelry has never been my style, so it’s yours. I could have cashed it in at a local pawn shop for a hundred bucks, but where’s the fun in that? The ring is hidden where no one will find it unless they’re specifically looking for it. Find it and it’s yours.

Here’s what the ring looks like: 

Here are your clues. Happy hunting!


On the isle of many mounts,

Find the faithful feather of three.

There the Son points the way

To royal reflections

And rebel roots.

Grey eyes watch over

The place of pale leaves,

But the prize lies behind

Where panic pauses

To play a tune.

Look low

Where light never goes

And pluck your prize

From earthly tendrils.


Update: The Treasure is Found


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