The Secret: Another Solution

The Secret: A Treasure Hunt by Byron Preiss is one of the most famous treasure hunts out there. As a resident of New York, I’ve always been interested with Image 12 and Verse 10, which are thought to be in NYC. If you don’t know much about it, check it out here. I released a possible solution to the NY casque before, but I received another great solution by a man named George. I think his solution should get some consideration, so I’m going to show it to you guys. Along the way, I’ll offer a little of my own opinion. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

I think we all agree it’s in NYC. But George think it is specifically Brooklyn. Co-authors Kelly and Mann are from Montreal, believed to be a casque location. JJP was born 20 minutes from the Cleveland find. Byron Preiss was born in Brooklyn. So Brooklyn makes sense.

Other reasons we know it is in NYC: the bird has an eagle face identical to the eagle in Ellis Island and the body of a gull. Ellis Island was originally called Gull Island. Also, George believes the orthodox church in the image refers to Brooklyn being called “The Borough of Churches.” I think the orthodox church is just another reference to Ellis Island since it looks exactly like it. However, the waves, he says may refer to the neighborhood Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, where he thinks the casque is.

According to this solution, the grey giant is actually the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The arched shape of the image actually resembles the bridge.

Image result for Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge"

The arm is the bridge deck and the slender path is The Narrows. Meanwhile, George thinks the whirring is from the flap of bird wings. In his solution, there are a bunch of birds around. I think it could just as easily be cars, which are “abound.” But that’s not too important.

The sign nearby speaks of Indies native Alexander Hamilton. I think most of us agree with that. However, it is his opinion this specifically refers to the Fort Hamilton Library. This also refers to the line about 3 Vols. Fort Hamilton Library is made of 3 words. Word and volumes are of course associated with libraries. I think also the fact that volumes is abbreviated Vols. could be a reference to the fact that Fort Hamilton can be abbreviated Ft. Hamilton.

The walking part is straightforward. The branch in the text refers to the library. If you walk from the entrance of the library, there is a small plot of grass and shrubs as part of the Ft. Hamilton Triangle Park. The park is also called Pigeon Park, thus the whirring of bird wings.

What tricks a lot of people is the rhapsodic man and simple roots. In the vestibule of the library is a placard, which talks about Mrs. Gelstin of Shore Road, who with a capital of faith and 5 dollars, donated a collection of books to open the Fort Hamilton Free Library. Simple roots. I think it could refer to that, but also to a tree or bush, where the casque literally is.

As for the rhapsodic man, in 1901, the Ft. Hamilton Library became one of Brooklyn’s first Carnegie Libraries. Carnegie Hall is a famous place for music, so that’s rhapsodic man’s soil. But I really don’t know about this one? This line has always been a mystery to me. It could be Carnegie, but I feel like it’s a little bit of a stretch. But hey. What do I know?

Finally, the Isle of B is Bedloe Island, the former name of Liberty Island.

More clues can be found from the image. The reddish rectangle framed in gray resembles the main entrance of the Ft. Hamilton Library. In 1980, the door was reddish with a limestone door. I know all doors have the shape, but the coloring is pretty particular.

Image result for fort hamilton library"

What’s more the 3 drops of water by the woman’s robe in the image may represent the 2 acorn shape lights by the library and the streetlight by the curb. The jewel is the casque. If you go to the casque site, the lights match the angle and perspective of the water droplets.

So what do you guys think? I believe everything in the image is supposed to be visible from the dig site. Since I don’t think you can see Lady Liberty or Ellis Island from the dig site, I hold a little suspicion. But in my opinion, there are a lot of interesting points in this solve.

7 thoughts on “The Secret: Another Solution

  1. And on the first day of the new time change, comes the time for new change, and getting this NYC buried casque out of the ground is the new change we are all craving. I wish you all well in trying to find this NYC buried casque, and say to you all –

    Look for that V near the base of the arm
    And 22 steps east later you will be more than just warm
    Then Look Down slowly so you will not miss
    The digging spot under manicured bricks
    Where you can look north to see the isle of B.
    Whose man’s soil grows simple roots, as you can see
    As well as the grey giant, and an old rusty sign
    That shows the Hard word and the “him” right behind
    With summer whirring and cars blurring also there
    So when you discover, and if you dare
    To uncover this treasure under stone, in cold soil
    You will need to dig quickly, with purpose & toil
    But the reward will be something that you will reveal
    Is the answer to this puzzle, that this treasure is real


    1. I’m listening. I’m unsure about manicured bricks. I went to the library yesterday and have a good idea where to dig. Could you share more?


      1. This buried casque is no where near a library. If you want to go dig a hole here in NYC, I would suggest you re-think your approach to the clues. Please note that this casque was buried back in 1981, so there has been some work done at this spot that has turned this spot into a more clean & modern looking spot then when Byron buried this in 1981.

        One thing I can point out is reading the last 4 lines of the verse correctly from a grammatical standpoint – re-read what I wrote to see if you can figure this out. Gershwin has nothing to do with these clues, and if you read the grammar correctly, you will see what I mean by this.

        Good luck with your hunt !!


  2. Image 12 Verse 9
    Waterfront Park / Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont

    Image 2 Verse 10
    Richmond County Bank Ballpark, Staten Island, NY
    In summer
    You’ll often hear a whirring sound
    Ground keeper mowing the ballfield


  3. These solutions seem plausible, but the fact that all the clues cannot be seen from the proposed site is telling. My solution ( my daughters too) on this blog takes into account all the images and verses, even the colorful mosaic panels in the painting. It’s a fact that this puzzle is all about immigration, and the Battery is where it all took place prior to Ellis is.. From Battery Park the clock tower, minerats, eagle, et al can be seen from my proposed site. (There have been some changes in the40 years or so since the treasure was buried). Also the “ twice as many steps” clue works perfectly with the eagle statue in the park. Alas , it’s NYC, so only a Josh Gates or someone similar could cut the miles of red tape surrounding any dig attempt. CHEECH


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