My 2020 Travel Bucket List: Portugal

Although Iceland made the number one spot on my 2020 travel bucket list, Portugal made a close second. The country is filled with historic sites, wonders of architecture, and stunning natural attractions. Oh, and let’s not forget the food and wine. Yum! … More My 2020 Travel Bucket List: Portugal

The Beauty of Paris

  Of all the beautiful, European locales, only Paris is considered the most romantic city of all. But for all you lonely travelers out there, don’t let that stop you. Give into your wanderlust and take a trip to Paris like I did.   Having arrived in Paris early on Friday morning, I dropped my … More The Beauty of Paris

I Made it to Russia

Three hours of driving and ten hours of flight later, I have arrived in Saint Petersburg, Russia! No. I didn’t take that picture. You think I actually went out on my first day? I’m pooped! Jet lag is a mean-spirited woman that I’d love to take to dinner, only to sneak out the bathroom window … More I Made it to Russia

How to Fund Travel

Look. I’m a college kid. Money is always on my mind. We desire what we don’t have, right? Colleges are ruthless. Oh! You worked really hard to make extra money this summer. It’d be a shame if someone TOOK IT!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! So, how the hell do I fund a trip to and through Europe? Well… … More How to Fund Travel