The Secret Solved?

After I posted about Byron Preiss’s The Secret (A Treasure Hunt), there has been much discussion about where exactly the NYC treasure might be buried. Just the other day, I received an email from a reader who thinks he knows where the treasure is buried. As a reminder, here is the verse and image associated with the NYC treasure:

In the shadow

Of the grey giant

Find the arm that

Extends over the slender path

In summer

You’ll often hear a whirring sound

Cars abound

Although the sign


Speaks of Indies native

The natives still speak

Of him of Hard word in 3 Vols.

Take twice as many east steps as the hour

Or more

From the middle of one branch

Of the v

Look down

And see simple roots

In rhapsodic man’s soil

Or gaze north

Toward the isle of B.


And here is where the reader thinks the treasure is buried. If you look from “simple roots,” this is what you would see:


This is Battery Park. It is in the shadow of the grey giant, the World Trade Center, which was still standing in Preiss’s time. The Immigrants statue has an arm that points down a path that was once slender. There are many cars whirring in the Battery Park Underpass underneath the park. Nearby is the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House. Hamilton of course was from the Indies. The middle of one branch of the V would be the WWII Memorial. If you take twice as many east steps as the hour (22 steps) or more, you end up by a tree. North of you is the Isle of B, the Battery, which was once an island. From this place you can see many images in the picture: Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the bird, water, and so on.

The powers that be won’t allow anyone to dig, not legally anyways. Regardless, what do you think? Is this where the treasure was buried?

168 thoughts on “The Secret Solved?

  1. Are you sure the grey giant is World Trade Center… because the book was published in 1982 and the there were twins tower at that time, there in New york, but after 9/11 it was reconstructed…So how do we know if it’s there? Maybe we should look in the past again, when there were twins towers, what you think? I don’t know a lot, but I believe, the grey giant is not World Trade Center.


  2. Definition of insanity; Digging the same place for 38 years and expecting this time to find a casque. Image 12 Verse 9 is in Burlington, Vermont. Image 2 Verse 10 is in Staten Island


    1. hello, ive been on and off looking into the hunt and haven’t found anyone comment as recent as you. would you like to exchange ideas sometime? i like your theory about Vermont and am intrigued by the possibility because I live in NH


  3. Image 12 is matched with verse 9 not verse 11 and is buried in Waterfront Park and Battery Park in Burlington, Vermont not the waterfront park in NYC called Battery Park. Verse 11 is matched with image 2 and is buried in the outfield of Staten Island Yankees ballpark on Staten Island, NY.


    1. Refers to Alexander Hamilton / Alexander Hamilton Ave that starts at the entrance to the ballpark the casque is buried in. Image 2 Verse 10 Image 12 Verse 9 is in Burlington, Vermont


    1. From what I read, it was there when Preiss was there. However, it was not officially finished until the year after. Even so, that could still be an issue. You’re right


      1. Hey thanks for replying!! So in the research that I’ve done it didn’t get dedicated and placed until 1983, the sculptors family had to fight to get it out there because of his death


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