OPM Workout: Day 4

One Punch Man Workout: Day 1

Just as I thought, these exercises are making me sore. I’m hurting in places I didn’t know could hurt. But I have to say, it’s getting easier. I can push through the 100 sit ups without much struggle. I don’t seem to feel the pain until after I finish the last sit up. Sadly, my six pack has not appeared just yet. Generally, I store fat in my stomach and there was a little extra fat in my diet these past few days because of some impromptu parties at which I feasted like a pig. So I probably shouldn’t expect a 6 pack until I start eating healthier.

Image result for six pack beer

The squats and push ups still give me trouble, but it’s only day 4. By day 30, I’ll be doing squats and push ups in my sleep. Besides the 100 reps are doing their job. Maybe it’s just the endorphins talking, but my ass feels great. It’s got a little more oomph if you know what I mean.

Image result for nice ass donkey

So all in all, progress is slow, but progress is progress. For anyone else trying a new workout routine, just keep going. Every day is a better day; a better workout, a better body, a better you.


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