The King’s Travel: A New Travel Website

The King's Travel is the best website for travel guides, travel tips, and beautiful photography from around the world.

The King’s Travel

If you’re wondering where I’ve been these past months, well, I’ve been a bit busy. I’ve been busy creating a new travel blog called The King’s Travel. Already I’ve poured hundreds of hours into it, creating beautiful posts and pages, editing photos, and marketing on social media. So I really hope you’ll check out my hard work.

After several years with this website, I realized something. This is an incredible platform for self-expression and indulging in some of my interests. Whether it’s writing stories or talking treasure hunts, I achieved it here with you guys. But with so many different topics, I could never turn this blog into an effective business. To do that, I would need to focus on a specific niche. That’s why I created a new website, where I can now focus solely on travel.

Don’t worry. This site isn’t going anywhere. I know there are still people that come here regularly. I want them to have access to all that. But for anyone that really wants to support me or is addicted to travel like me, head over to The King’s Travel. I’m really proud of the work I’m doing, and the site is growing quick. So come join us!

4 thoughts on “The King’s Travel: A New Travel Website

  1. Just looked over your Kings Travel website. So impressive; very complete with info and resources to plan the perfect trip. Congratulations!


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