OPM Workout: Day 11

Check out OPM Workout: Day 4 After 11 days, I can attest that Saitama’s workout of 100 push ups, 100 squats, and 100 sit ups is beneficial. I’m getting better at each exercise. I need fewer sets and can perform sets of higher reps. I’ve even noticed some fat trimmed off my stomach and my … More OPM Workout: Day 11

OPM Workout: Day 4

One Punch Man Workout: Day 1 Just as I thought, these exercises are making me sore. I’m hurting in places I didn’t know could hurt. But I have to say, it’s getting easier. I can push through the 100 sit ups without much struggle. I don’t seem to feel the pain until after I finish … More OPM Workout: Day 4