OPM Workout: Day 11

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After 11 days, I can attest that Saitama’s workout of 100 push ups, 100 squats, and 100 sit ups is beneficial. I’m getting better at each exercise. I need fewer sets and can perform sets of higher reps. I’ve even noticed some fat trimmed off my stomach and my chest. By no means am I even close to the power of our favorite caped baldy, but it’s something.

Image result for saitama one punch man

Although the number of reps is all the same, the intensity of each individual exercise differs. 100 sit ups is much easier than 100 push ups. As a result, I am concerned that I’ll approach a peak at which one exercise will do little more than maintain my physique instead of improving it. For example, I can do all the sit ups at one time without much struggle. My abs don’t feel sore and so I think not much is happening with the muscles. I think I need more to get the holy, beautiful six pack.Image result for adonis

Even so, I’m healthy. I’m not an adonis, but I have the fitness required to do everyday or even laborious tasks without too much trouble. Additionally, I like the way I look and I’m happy from the endorphins. Isn’t that all you want from a workout?


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