The Mont in Montreal

Montreal, which means “Royal Mountain,” gets its name from the beautiful mountain that shoots out of the center of the city. From the street level, you can look up and marvel at the tree-covered peak, but the best view is from the top.

To get up top, you need to climb. You can take several sets of stairs, which seem to go on and on. But it’s the quickest route. The other route leads around the mountain. It spirals up up up for ages. Of course, the long route is more beautiful. It leads you through the forest and along some streams. In the winter, you can ski on the spiral path, up or down.

Chemin dans le parc du Mont RoyalEither way, it’s a lot of work. But when you’re on the top of the mountain. It’s worth it. The sky expands before you and from above, you can see the whole city. It is truly magical.



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