A Sweet Treat at Emack & Bolio’s

While the mrs. visited me from Britain, I decided to take her for a walk along Brooklyn Bridge Park and on the bridge itself. But the sun shone hard on our backs and the air was heavy and humid, so we had to stop for a cold treat. Emack & Bolio’s was a short walk away and we both had a hankering for some ice cream.

There are several great flavors, from classic vanilla to custom flavors such as heaven (vanilla ice cream with marshmallow and white chocolate chips). To hold your lovely iced treat, Emack & Bolio’s makes ice cream cones ringed with cereal or oreos.

Personally, I like my cones clean. No need for anything fancy. The ice cream speaks for itself. I got a scoop of grasshopper pie (creme de menthe with chocolate chips and oreos) and a scoop of mud pie (coffee ice cream with chocolate chips and oreos). Mmmm…perfection



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