Do Not Give Up

There’s a point you reach knee-deep in writing a novel. “This sounds terrible, clichéd, boring. I’m a terrible writer. Give up. Give up now.” All that confidence and excitement you got when you decided what you wanted to write…gone. It doesn’t matter how brilliant, how entertaining, how trend-setting your writing is. You always reach a point of doubt.

But you cannot give up. This is the time when best-sellers are made. This is the time when failure becomes success. It doesn’t matter how tired or insecure you feel. Keep going. Keep writing.

It’s not easy to write a novel. It’s not easy to write a good novel. That’s why not everyone is a writer. But you are. That’s what makes you special. You reach the point when all your motivation has evaporated, and you keep going. And you do this again and again until you’ve created hundreds and hundreds of pages, thousands upon thousands of words. You’ve created a story that will change someone’s life, made them laugh, made them cry.

Do not give up. You will never know how influential you are if you stop when the times get tough.


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