A Return to Russia

And so the Motherland calls me back. It’s been 5 years since I traveled to Russia as a study abroad student. The temperature was -20°F on that brisk winter night I arrived in St. Petersburg. Not even the locals braved the city streets. And yet, as I stared out of the frost-encrusted windows, St. Petersburg stunned me with its colorful, European architecture and numerous, icy canals. It was inevitable. I would fall in love with the city, the country, and the people. And I did. … More A Return to Russia

A Taste of Moscow

Two weeks ago I took a trip with the other Americans in my study abroad program to Moscow, the capital of Russia, and the home of my buddy Putin. I would have written sooner about my travels, but I was busy preparing for a trip the next week to Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest. Stay tuned … More A Taste of Moscow