My 2020 Travel Bucket List: Portugal

Although Iceland made the number one spot on my 2020 travel bucket list, Portugal made a close second. The country is filled with historic sites, wonders of architecture, and stunning natural attractions. Oh, and let’s not forget the food and wine. Yum! … More My 2020 Travel Bucket List: Portugal

The Fire Rages

Dead wood burns overThe fields of the fallen. Axes rentAnd armor split, an army of corpsesRests atop bloodied grounds. Smoke risesAs dusk falls On a red sun, whose rays will neverLight their smiles again. Smoke rises To the mountains and sweepsInto the sea, whose waves will neverKiss their feet again. The rains lamentThe passing of … More The Fire Rages

A Man in Revolt

I’ve completed another novel. A Man in Revolt tells the story of a weak and cowardly man who joins a rebellion to protect his family and his people from racial discrimination and abuse. However, the more involved in the rebellion he becomes, the more it corrupts him. One poor choice after another, the protagonist becomes … More A Man in Revolt