I Dreamt

I dreamt of seas
That sparkled in sun
With a salted breeze soft
On my cheek. The waves
Whispered in foreign tongues,
And beckoned me on
And on. But in day,
The ocean trembled
As a tempest tossed the surf.
My boat bent, and my sails
Snapped while the current
Enforced its will.
Adrift, alone,

I dreamt of spring
In a valley glazed
With green. Sparrows sang
In the shade of trees
Whose blossomed boughs stretched
Through the centuries.
But when I settled
On promised land,
The earth was cold and dead.
The wind howled
Like a starved
Stomach borne through a boundless
Void. No buds broke.
No flowers bloomed. My dreams
Had lied again. But still

I dreamt. I could do nothing
More. Or else wander wayless
Through horrid planes
Without cause
Or hope.


One thought on “I Dreamt

  1. You are so talented  Andrew.  Never give up writing.  So proud of you  Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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