New Name, Same Site

Hello all! I just wanted to inform you that I will be changing the name of the site to He Who Wanders. It’s a new name, but the same site with the same content. Don’t worry. This is still your site for stories.

When I began the blog, I didn’t know what to name it. It was initially going to be a personal blog, a place for me to write about whatever I wanted, something to pass the time. You get the point. So if that’s all it was, why fuss over the name of the site?

But I’ve gotten more serious about the blog and decided to focus this site more on travel and writing. Therefore, I think it’s better to have a more professional name for the site instead of a not so clever play on words with my last name.

He Who Wanders better reflects my wanderlust and the metaphorical wandering of life, which I discuss from time to time in my poetry and novels. Besides, it’s probably easier to remember.

Aside from getting a new domain, I will maintain the old domain for a year. So if you search for, it will bring you back here anyway. I hope this won’t be a jarring change for the veterans of this site. I also hope it will allow the site to grow.

Thank you for your viewership!


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