Into the Depths of Paris

On my second day in Paris (see my first day here), I started my morning with a dive into the murky depths of Paris: the Catacombs. Beneath the streets of Paris lies a passage of tunnels lined with bones beyond counting. The Catacombs hold so many skeletons that they even made designs out of them. It’s a chilling experience to walk down there, especially with all the quotes that accompany the corpses. Everyone of them says something about the inevitability of death. How delightful!

Having gotten my fill of the dead, I followed the Catacombs with a taste of the greatest pastries Paris has to offer. I headed over to Carl Marletti. When in Paris, you have to get eclairs and macarons. And no place does it better than Carl Marletti. When I bit into that eclair, I swear my tongue experienced something spiritual.

Next, my journey took me to the Orsay, yet another famous art museum in Paris. Unlike the Louvre, the Orsay has a bit more organization. You won’t wander around aimlessly. Sure, the Orsay may not have works as famous as the Mona Lisa, but there are a number of well-known artists, as well as several pieces that you’ll surely fall in love with.

Still in the mood for art, I crossed the Seine and went to the Orangerie. It’s a small art museum known for Monet’s water lilies paintings which stretch all the way around the room. Seeing one Monet painting is special enough, but it’s another thing entirely to be surrounded by the paintings. On the bottom floor, there is also a collection of various artists’ works including Matisse and Picasso. As always, I recommend buying a ticket online to skip the line. Conveniently, you can also purchase one ticket that works for both the Orsay and the Orangerie.


To end my night and my stay in Paris, I got dinner at a fancy restaurant called Au P’tit Curieux. The menu appears to change regularly, but there are always amazing options representing the best of French cuisine. I enjoyed a creamy, chestnut soup, followed by quail accompanied by some drunken berries, pear, apple puree, and smooth mashed potatoes, and creme brulee, cooked perfectly might I add. Au P’tit Curieux is a cozy and refined restaurant with a fair price for phenomenal food. An amazing end to any trip.

But I had one last treat as I returned home to London. The bus from Paris to London boards a ferry that docks in Dover. That meant I got to see the White Cliffs of Dover. The bus may not be as luxurious as a train or a plane, but it is cheaper and it was remarkable to see that towering, white wonder.



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