Ruby Lips

From across the clamor
Of a late and laughing bar,
I spied your lips,
Ripe and red
Like two tart cherries.
A ruby glow
Lit my skin
While my tongue twisted
With hot desire.
Yet I sat, stared, and said

Nothing. Your gaze
Drifted over half-drunk faces
Not so longing or lustful
As my own. Your sweet,
Wine-soaked smile greeted
Their grinning cheeks under
Throbbing, yellow lights.
You captured me then
While your wet lips
Wagged from word

To whispered word.
Eyes shut, I waited
With eager ears
For a taste
Of your curlicued speech.
Moments passed
And then minutes too. Still
The wildfire
Beat against my breast
As my fervor
Smoked into every twitching

Breath. But I heard
Nothing over the shouts
And clang of glasses. I opened
My eyes, and saw
Nothing, not a glimpse
Of your ruby lips
Or a flash
Of your porcelain smile.

You slipped
Into the dusky evening
While I sat in reverie.
Now your lips
Are just a memory.

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