Why Dogs are Cuter Than Babies

Yes. That’s right. Dogs are cuter than babies. Get over it. You know it’s true.

Ironically though, we find dogs cute for the same reason some of us find babies cute. In the New York Times, Natalie Anger described the qualities of cuteness as those that express “extreme youth, vulnerability, harmlessness, and need.” Basically, something is cute if it looks young and in need of care. In particular, such cute characteristics include: a large, round head, large, forward-facing eyes, large ears, floppy limbs and a clumsy gait, and soft or saggy skin.

Take this golden pupper for example.

Image result for cute pupper

Large, round head? Check.
Large, forward-facing eyes? Check.
Large ears? Check.
Floppy limbs and a clumsy gait? Definitely. Look. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Soft or saggy skin? Check. He’s so fluffy!

So why are puppers and doggos cuter than babies? Ever since we domesticated dogs, they have depended on us for support and care. Thus, dogs evolved to look cuter, so we felt more inclined to take care of them.

Babies on the other hand don’t need to evolve to look cuter. In our current society, babies will be supported no matter what. Besides, there are hormones that encourage connection and care between the parents and the baby. Babies are all set. They don’t need evolution to help them survive.

I’m fine with that. Babies can stay as they are while puppies get cuter and cuter. I’d rather have a puppy anyways. Look at them.

Image result for cute huskyImage result for cute corgi


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