The Sun Dance

In the great blue commons,
Under the watch
Of wind and white giants,
The sun dances
Merry and drunk.
A flourish in the brine
And a waver
In the tumult.
Its toes dawdle
Against the beat
Of a long sung melody.
The gulls bay
While the sun drums on
And clams bury their heads
In the quiet earth.
Skates lie still
Like hot pans
Submerged in the sink
And a throng of men
Follows suit,
Their bellies charred brown
And basted with oil.

I crane my head up
And over the shimmering
Expanse. I vanish.
Me. An atom
Of a grain
In a sea of the finest sand.
Not a man to wave
At. Not even a shell
Worth the stomp
Of your sole. Still,

The sun shines easy
Over every shore.
The glint in my eye
Is the waltz
Of its rays, and its footsteps
Freckle my back. Even
Nothing as I am
In the great blue commons,
The sun offers all
A seat to its show.


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