Divo Ostrov

When I say Saint Petersburg, you think…amusement park! No? Why not? You should.

Okay. I won’t say that Divo Ostrov is top on the list of places to visit in Saint Petersburg, but if you feel the need for an adrenaline rush, you should check it out. It hits all the theme park cliches that remind you of home. Divo Ostrov is written in the same font as Disneyland. There are several creepy, borderline racist statues of cowboys and native americans. Ahhh…just like home.

As for the rides themselves (because honestly, what else should you care about?), Divo Ostrov had all three types of rides: kiddy rides, thrill rides, and rollercoasters. Kiddy rides pride themselves on gentleness, so let’s just skip that. Those thrill rides, though. There’s nothing like being thrown into the clouds and rocketing down to the ground with your heart screaming in your ear. Sad to say, several of the rollercoasters that looked most exhilarating were under maintenance, and the ones that remained weren’t fantastic. While they had the right twist and turns and blood-boiling speed, they ended so quickly that a line couldn’t even form to get on. Even so, when everything is running, I am sure the park is great. Just look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–o42c5A-7s&feature=youtu.be


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