St. P’s Secret Bar

Meet the El Copitas Bar, a Mexican bar in…Russia. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t make sense. But hear me out. El Copitas is just the bar you need.

Part of the intrigue is the secrecy. You won’t ever stumble upon the bar while strolling through the streets of Saint Petersburg. In fact, if you did walk by it, the bar entrance would look like an entrance to a small apartment complex. Oh and you can only get in by calling. Of course you need to know the number first. Problem? Nothing a little Google search can’t fix. Ahem! Did I say that? Shhhh…you heard nothing.

Aside from the cheap thrill of getting in to a speakeasy, there is the actual booze to think about. You can get whatever cocktails and shots you like, yet the real magic appears in their specialty drinks. They change from time to time so you never get bored. Just so you get an idea, here’s one of the drinks I tried. It’s their own special take on a margarita: Green Margo with green peas, dry orange liqueur and Specila Cuncún Bitters.

In case you’re not enticed enough, let me tell you about the main reason why you should visit El Copitas the next time you’re in Saint Petersburg. The bar owners focus on a quality experience. As soon as you walk in, they sit you down and give you complimentary shots of tequila. Stay long enough and they might give you a free drink as they gave one to me. Whenever you manage to pull yourself away from El Copitas, they give you a parting gift: spiced Mexican hot chocolate, of course with a little alcohol inside. Honestly, I would’ve drank that hot chocolate all night. Maybe that’s just my sweet tooth talking.

Oh, I should definitely mention that they do speak English there. So, while it is recommended that you know Russian before going to El Copitas, it’s not necessary.


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