The Yakutia Incident on YouTube and Spotify

In response to recent allegations, a climate scientist reveals the true story of a disaster that took the lives of all his teammates. What they found buried in the Russian tundra was beyond expectation and explanation: a monument of flesh from a lost age. … More The Yakutia Incident on YouTube and Spotify

Scary Narration

A Youtuber named Lucifer’s Nephew has just produced a narration for my story The Collector of Sorrows. If you liked the original story, take a listen to his video. Give him a sub and explore some of his other videos.


I stumbled across a short film called “Kropki” (Polish for dots). The film points out how mechanical we are. We do what we need to do and never ask more. We never question why this happens and that happens, who that person over there is, what that person thinks, why they dress the way they … More Dots

How Religion Spread

Here’s an interesting video that I thought I’d share. To me, it’s fascinating that religion spreads around like some disease. I know that has some negative connotations, but I merely mean to say that religion travels where people travel. Over time, it experiences fluctuations in different regions as places evolve and react to various influences. … More How Religion Spread