Still Waters

Where now the dark lady
With head of black and dress of night?
Where now the shine of gold
Who in her glance glitters bright? … More Still Waters

Godwin’s Love Song

A love song by Sir Godwin Fulcrum from my fantasy series The Ashborne Chronicles: I’ve walked beaten paths Through thorns and thistle While clouds cracked On nights so fickle. I’ve cried in fields Drenched in shadow, Alone, forgotten, Left to fallow.   But never did I know How our love would grow Ere I took … More Godwin’s Love Song

Cedric’s Song

In my fantasy series The Ashborne Chronicles, Kat hears a song written about a king. It is a song of sorrow sung for sorrow. All who sing it find tragedy one way or another: “Though black and depthless, His eyes couldn’t hide The burning of a matchless ire. His trembling lips Called death for death. ‘Blood,’ … More Cedric’s Song

A Midnight Melody

As the day dies And dusk rears Its violet face, A sour song thrums Through my head. Pale stars tremble While one verse carries To the next. Phantoms Of my sunlit troubles Dance across my eyes. The chorus builds And darkness gathers Under the swollen moon. I twist and turn While midnight’s blanket Rests heavy … More A Midnight Melody