In the Shadow of Mt. Spire

Mt. Spire shone brilliant and white above the bristly pines. In the noontime sun, one could see the snow weep and the summer trails reveal themselves. It was a wonderful sight for any climber. However, Anna would consider it even more wonderful if she did not have to hike ten miles to actually get there. … More In the Shadow of Mt. Spire

Beware the Wendigo

Algonquin legends say the wendigo was once a man like you and me. Poisoned by greed and gluttony, the man turned into a pale, gaunt creature with sunken eyes, reaching limbs, and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Always hungry, the wendigo searched constantly for its next meal. The truth, however, is much worse. … More Beware the Wendigo

Scary Narration

A Youtuber named Lucifer’s Nephew has just produced a narration for my story The Collector of Sorrows. If you liked the original story, take a listen to his video. Give him a sub and explore some of his other videos.

Bloated Bodies

Bloated bodies Full of hot air tumble Down hills cloaked In inky shadow. The evening stinks Of shame and festered regret That spurts from their pores. And the townsfolk hide. Death, They think, comes pouring Down the sloped mounds Outside their homes Where fires burn in stone chimneys And smoke pours up into the sky … More Bloated Bodies