The Fire Rages

Dead wood burns overThe fields of the fallen. Axes rentAnd armor split, an army of corpsesRests atop bloodied grounds. Smoke risesAs dusk falls On a red sun, whose rays will neverLight their smiles again. Smoke rises To the mountains and sweepsInto the sea, whose waves will neverKiss their feet again. The rains lamentThe passing of … More The Fire Rages

Cedric’s Song

In my fantasy series The Ashborne Chronicles, Kat hears a song written about a king. It is a song of sorrow sung for sorrow. All who sing it find tragedy one way or another: “Though black and depthless, His eyes couldn’t hide The burning of a matchless ire. His trembling lips Called death for death. ‘Blood,’ … More Cedric’s Song

Hooray! I’m a Murderer!

Guess what? I killed someone, guys! Oh. I should probably clarify that he was in a story. “So soon?” you ask. “Didn’t you just start writing?” Cue the devilish laughter. Oh don’t worry. It’ll be sad, but the death drives my entire plot. It’s necessary.