New Fantasy Book Announcement

With A Man in Revolt completed, I am free to work on another novel. Although I will still classify A Man in Revolt as fantasy, it lacked the classic magical and supernatural elements you expect from fantasy. I’ve grown to miss those exciting characteristics, so for my next book, I am adding more magic. Though don’t be afraid. There will still be plenty of intrigue, drama, double crosses, political plots, and ill-fated romance.

The tentative title for my new fantasy book is The Runic Wars. However, I am considering whether to make this a series. So, that could very well be the name of the series instead. In any case, The Runic Wars will tell the tale of Titus Blackburn, a roguish nobleman in search of his parents, who abandoned him as a child. Before they left Titus, his parents tattooed magical runes onto his arms, an art thought to be lost long ago. The runes give Titus the ability to produce and control fire. However, they also make him a target for the Carian Empire, which is waging a war to eradicate all trace of magic runes from the world.

Along with the help of Edmund Gladwine, an excessively talkative thief with a heart of gold and a taste for fine women and wine, Titus chases down every lead to his parents. However, as he tracks their path across the world, Titus becomes more involved in a political conspiracy. Although he’d prefer to remain neutral, all roads lead to war.

If you want to look at some of the other novels I’ve written, click here. You won’t be disappointed 😀


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