Update: Two Books. One Done. One to Come.

At long last, I have finished writing the final book to the Ashborne Chronicles. Sure as Stone will tell the final tale of Kat Ashborne as she struggles through war and deception to make her family whole once more. All I need to do is make the cover art. Then Sure as Stone will be available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon. And because I like to treat you guys, I’ll definitely have a free book giveaway for a week. So stay tuned.

For those of you who have not read the Ashborne Chronicles yet, take a look at the first book How Black is the Shadow. It is a wonderful fantasy series about a girl who goes on a quest to resurrect her brother. She investigates the world’s legends to find a relic that restores life, only to find herself slowly becoming a legend herself. It is a story of family, grief, magic, and deceit. So do me a favor and take a look!

And since I have just finished a novel, I will be starting a new one soon. The story will take you to the kingdom of Halgard, where the Shiku, refugees from a foreign land, face abuse and persecution from the white ethnic majority. The story will follow Chen Kang, the owner of a paper shop in the kingdom’s capital. Kang is a weak, cowardly man that only wants to keep his head down and provide for his family.

But a rebellion is building. Despite his fears and worries, Kang must join the fight to protect his family from harm. However, the more Kang gets involved, the farther he falls into a world of violence and deception. And this world…it changes a man.

If you like Breaking Bad, I’m sure you will like this new story. Just imagine Walter White is a Chinese man living in a Norse kingdom, and instead of belonging to a meth empire, he belongs to a rebellion fueled by racial tensions. There will be many shocking plot developments, but as with Breaking Bad, the focus will always be on the character. I’m sure you’ll love it.


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