Godwin’s Love Song

A love song by Sir Godwin Fulcrum from my fantasy series The Ashborne Chronicles:

I’ve walked beaten paths

Through thorns and thistle

While clouds cracked

On nights so fickle.

I’ve cried in fields

Drenched in shadow,

Alone, forgotten,

Left to fallow.


But never did I know

How our love would grow

Ere I took my place

In your warm embrace.


And friends I’ve buried

Below nameless grounds

Where the ravens flock

And their horrid cry sounds.

Ghosts follow

Down every way

Moaning in mists

Til light of day.


But never did I fear

With my darling near

The aches and woes

And relentless throes.


And never will I run

When day is done,

For naught is above

Our joy, our love.


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