Follow the Light

The second installment of the Ashborne Chronicles is out. Get a free electronic copy this Thursday through Monday. Or start the series from the start with How Black is the Shadow.


Shadows of war spread over the kingdom of Norgrad after the untimely death of its king. In the west, Vindan gathers its forces. In the east, brigands and bandits flock to the self-proclaimed Wraith King. Soon they will converge on the weakened Norgrad. All fingers point to Kat, who stands accused of regicide and murder of a high official. The Kingsmen follow her at all turns, and she can’t escape unless she becomes the monster they think she is.

With the help of an old friend, Kat flees to an ancient city, where she continues her search for a relic to resurrect her brother. Yet, the relic’s history is one of misery; a history she may soon join. Through hive minds and warlock’s wrath, Kat’s path is paved in blood.


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