4th Novel Coming Soon

In another day or so, my fourth novel How Black is the Shadow will arrive on Amazon. It’s a wonderful story about how the loss of a brother motivates a simple peasant girl named Kat to journey across the world for a relic to bring him back to life. Along the way, Kat grows into a strong, sassy heroine with more sass than she has sense. Once the book is approved and comes out on Amazon, I highly recommend you get it to follow Kat on her quest. I know you’ll love it.

Originally I wanted to find a publisher for the novel. I’m confident in my writing and I know an agent will take it. But I’ve recently done some big edits and need to resend query letters. I’m sure that soon enough an agent will pick up How Black is the Shadow, so get the book while you can. Once I get picked up by an agent, I’ll have to take the book off Amazon, and when the book returns to the market, the price will be hiked up from the $2.99 I’m selling it at.

So stay tuned, folks!


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