400 For Novel 4

I’ve been working hard on getting a fourth novel out as soon as I can. For my dedicated readers out there, I know it’s been a long wait. I can’t remember how long I’ve teased with you a fantasy novel, but today I reached an exciting landmark: 400 pages. That’s about 100,000 words.

Quality is my main focus, not quantity. However, the more pages there are, the more I can flush out the details of my fantasy world. And don’t you worry, there are more details than you could imagine. I’ve created geography, history, legends, gossip, family lineage, and back stories about characters that you may never even hear about. I probably need to trim it down, but all the nitty-gritty will come later.

Also, remember guys, Mind Trip is out on Amazon. Take a look inside the warped brain of a hallucinatory painter. It’s a short read and only $3. So, show your appreciation and get yourself a copy. Thank you!

Mind Trip Cover


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