Mind Trip is on Amazon

It’s out! Mind Trip is finally out. So click the link and get your copy now. If you need a reminder of the plot:

Surrealist artist Eric paints what he thinks, paints what he sees, and sees what he thinks. Ever since he was a child, the world appeared to him through vivid, dream-like hallucinations that inevitably inspired the paintings that put food on his table. However, the last of his visions have come and gone. Eric blames his long-time girlfriend Tara. While she may be loving and supportive, Tara is a powerful sedative.

Then Eric meets Alice, an offbeat girl whose every breath turns the world into a powerful fantasy. Won over by her zany antics, Eric must decide between the safety of Tara’s dull arms and the ever-morphing excitement of Alice’s.

In the meanwhile, Eric is losing his mind. Hallucinations grow, and not all for the better. A dream world would not be complete without the occasional nightmare. Eric must decide what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s real and what’s fiction. Depending on his choices, he might lose both girls and his sanity too.

Mind Trip Cover


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