I Made it to Russia

Three hours of driving and ten hours of flight later, I have arrived in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

No. I didn’t take that picture. You think I actually went out on my first day? I’m pooped! Jet lag is a mean-spirited woman that I’d love to take to dinner, only to sneak out the bathroom window halfway through the main course. Ugh, why am I so tired?

Even so, I saw a fair amount of the city and streets from inside a car. Despite the layers of snow and ice, Petersburg is gorgeous. Just by looking at the buildings and the people walking by, the city seems like a Russian take on western style. It’s like a European New York built in Venice, only if Venice were significantly colder (it’s really a tolerable temperature. I’m just dramatic).

Actually, that doesn’t quite fit it either. There’s a hint of something else, an unnameable thing, a certain Russian flare. But maybe that’s just the loads of Russian speech going on here. Who knows?

When I’m well-rested and I have my first real adventure, I’ll write more and send you pictures. I can’t wait to spend more time here. I also can’t wait to sleep. Good night, dear readers.


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