Top 3 Excursions, You Tell Me

Years from now, I’ll tell you about all the fantastic trips I’ve taken. Some good. Some bad. Hopefully, more of the former. I’ll tell you how I found the perfect getaways for tourists and travel fanatics both, how I had the most wonderful experience in the most remote, hidden away spot. Maybe you’ve gone around the world and back again, but you’ll come to me for your Top 5 Places to See Before You Die and your Best Trips to Take in ____(insert year).

For now, though, I’m a novice. You guys are the experts. Heck, I’m sure some of you are tour guides and travel agents. I’ve told you about my plans for Postgrad Travel, so you know I’ve done some research. Even so, I want your stories. Tell me your top 3 excursions. Don’t have 3? Give me 1. I’ll take it.

Write a comment or send me email (Contact Me). If I get enough responses, I’ll give you a Top 3 Excursions You Told Me. Maybe I’ll even feature your story (with your permission of course). Or maybe I’ll just make up a story. Either way, keep checking in.


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