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As I’ve probably said before, I’m itching to get out of this country. I feel trapped in an assembly line. Go to school, go to college, get a job, then work, work, work. If you save enough money, maybe you can take some time off to enjoy your wealth. But when? After how much work? I’ve got to travel before I get trapped completely.

What’s more, my life occurs between two points: my home and my university. It’s as if all I see are the same old walls – the same old, sterile, white walls. And when your life becomes two sets of walls, those walls start to feel like a prison. Some might roll over. “Two jail cells are better than one,” they say. No. I want an adventure. The world is more than just two points. It’s an infinite collection of points.

So, I’m setting a goal. After I graduate in May of 2017, I want to travel through Europe. Just Europe? Yes, just Europe. Don’t make it harder on me. I’d love to see other continents, but I already have to slash away at the number of European cities I want to visit. First, I made a “conservative” list of 25 cities. Then I narrowed it down to 18, and I know I should cut away more cities.

To visualize my trip, I’m using this website: Furkot. Go ahead. Give it a click. Maybe you’ll understand my trouble. “Okay,” you think, “I want to go here and I definitely want to go here. Awww…look at that. This city is on the way. Well, I can’t just pass by it.”

Here’s my list of cities so far. Please help me trim it down. Give me a little insight guys. Which cities are worth going? Which can be skipped? I want to see everything, but I’m not exactly rich, so shorter is better.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Madrid, Spain
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  5. Florence, Italy
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Naples, Italy
  8. Ravello, Italy
  9. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  10. Split, Croatia
  11. Venice, Italy
  12. Milan, Italy
  13. Geneva, Switzerland
  14. Paris, France
  15. London, England
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Berlin, Germany
  18. Prague, Czech Republic

Shit. I have to get rid of some Italian spots. *Sniff sniff* But I don’t want to *Soft tear drops down his cheek*

As for how I plan to fund this travel, take a look here: How to Fund Travel


5 thoughts on “Postgrad Travel

  1. Postgrad travel is something amazing on the one side, but somewhat sad (due to the low budget) on the other side. The selection of cities actually sounds truly amazing! If you think about cutting, I’d take out two of the Italian destinations (most likely Ravello and Naples). I also didn’t find Geneva extremly interesting, so this may be another option to cut!

    If you need some information on any of the cities, we’ve summed up dozens of guides and reviews about our experiences in Europe on a special page:

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  2. My advice would be: if you want to do Monte Carlo you are better off staying in Nice or Cannes. They have better beaches and a lot more to do than just gamble and just do day/ night trips to Monaco. It’s only about 30 min and €5 on the train and this way you will get to see more of the south of France as well.
    Cut Naples off you’re list it’s well known for being quite dangerous and if you aren’t a seasoned traveller may not be worth it. The only reason I would suggest Naples would be if you were using it to get to the Amaflie Coast. If you keep Florence on your list I would recommend heading down to Cinque Terre it’s only a few hours on the train and is defiantly worth a few night.
    Portugal I would recommend Lagos and Porto over Lisbon but that is just my opinion personally and I would defiantly chose Barcelona over Madrid. It has a beach great night life and heaps of attractions including Gaudi. Split and Dybrovnik are amazing. I’m not sure how long you want to spend in Croatia but I would
    Recommend looking into Sail Croatia as then you would Also get to see some of the smaller Islands and it is a lot of fun.
    Time wise you can probably do Venice in a day and a half. Half a day in Venice seeing the sites and the rest travelling on the ferry to Murano and Burano.
    Sorry for my long winded answer.


  3. Good for you! I can’t help you trim down the list, if anything I want to add to it! I hope you get to see all of these places and more 🙂


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