Broken Man

If you look in the mirror
Look just look just once
In the mirror look
Again look
There at the man
Blood on his hands
Face fractured
Snapped and
Broken face
In the mirror
Broken face
How sad

He didn’t mean it
Never meant it
Would never mean
Not mean
No not mean
Not a mean man
But his knuckles taste
Like burned glass and iron
And his eyes are
His eyes look

Broken broken man
Still broken
Fix it
Fix it
Please fix it
Too many cracks
Hideous hideous cracks
They stink of festering sin

In the mirror see
See the man
Cracked broken man
Cry broken man
I can’t
I can’t see
Tears shattered against
His eyes
And blood in his nails
Red black blood
Hard blood
Chipping flaking blood
Cracking breaking
Broken man


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