The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Though I am already suffering through my mountains of schoolwork, I decided to add to my suffering by eating healthy. In fact, as I write, I’m eating a dreadfully adequate salad. So, as you can imagine, my mind wanders to the sweeter and sadly, less healthy, foods.

Here’s the best thing I ever ate: 

A peanut butter and banana cream doughnut from Doughnut Plant in Manhattan. Now, doughnuts have always been a weakness for me, but my god, this is man’s greatest achievement.

First off, imagine your ideal plain doughnut. Soft and cushiony. Not too greasy. Melts in your mouth. Got it? Now smother that in peanut butter and top it with chopped peanuts for a little crunch. It’s homemade peanut butter too, not some puny Peter Pan or junky Jif with more sugar than peanut. Doughnut Plant gives you the real deal.

Oh and what’s that inside? A little surprise? Mmmm…banana cream. It’s like putting the filling of a banana cream pie and stuffing it inside a cozy, little peanut butter doughnut. What could be better? Nothing. Nothing I tell you.


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