The Greatest Hero

Stop. Who are you thinking of right now? Superman? Batman? James Bond? John McClane? Some firefighter? Your dad? Whatever the case, you’re wrong. The greatest hero is Link from the Legend of Zelda. Why? Because Link is you and you are Link.

Although actions help characterize Link, the blonde, elfin boy is speechless and thus a fairly flat character. Well, perhaps “flat” is not the correct word. Empty. That’s better. You see, the glory of an empty character is that you can fill in your own personality. Say you’re playing through Ocarina of Time and you get hit with this:Since Link doesn’t actually respond, you respond. Maybe your response is this:

Now imagine doing that again and again and again. Link forces you to create your own dialogue, your own responses, your own feelings. He forces you to be the hero.

But not everyone is brave enough to be a hero. True. You’re not like everyone, however. You’re Link. Link may not have a personality of his own, but one thing he can give you is courage. He is the Triforce of Courage, the living embodiment of courage. He gives you the strength to face the ugliest, scariest, and most powerful enemies. He makes you more than you already are. And let’s face it. You need a little boost. How else are you getting past that thing?The greatest hero is you, the best you, the Link version of you, the version that fights through the thickest twilight

against the darkest enemiesincluding your own demons


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