I stumbled across a short film called “Kropki” (Polish for dots). The film points out how mechanical we are. We do what we need to do and never ask more. We never question why this happens and that happens, who that person over there is, what that person thinks, why they dress the way they do…There is an endless amount of dots, an endless amount of details, but we ignore the ones that aren’t necessary to our survival. We stop chasing after knowledge. We abandon curiosity. More than that, we stop looking for connections between details. Everything is connected one way or another, directly or indirectly. True understanding lies in those connections. When we figure out how this is related to that, then we have true knowledge.

But enough of my summary and analysis. Here’s the link:

Certainly this is useful for all people, but writers especially. Writing carries knowledge. Kropki takes a jab at education and knowledge simply existing in several unconnected dots. Here’s a book. That’s one dot. Here’s another book. That’s another dot. But a book should be more than that. A book should hold true knowledge. Writers, connect those dots and record the connection for all to see. Search for dots no one has seen before. Look at the most subtle and most remote details. Do not look at the shining light of the sun. Look at the wavering glint in the emerald shard of broken glass cast down to the floor.


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