Publishing Career

Every single author will tell you the same thing: a writer must love to read and write. Read and write. Obviously, I write. Hey, look! I’m doing it right now. But I love to read as well. In fact, when I’m not working, basically all I do is read and write…and play video games…and eat.

Anyways, here’s my point: I’m going to write no matter which career path I take. However, unless one of my novels becomes popular, I can’t depend solely on writing. I’ll be poor and I’d rather not be poor.

So if I can’t make a career of writing, I might as well make a career of reading. That’s why I’m interested in the publishing industry, specifically editing. I am aware that reading is not all I would do, but still. By entering the publishing industry, I would help the next greatest writers of our time become successful. Maybe I’d even read first-hand the manuscript of the world’s next greatest novel. That is absolutely thrilling!

Not to mention, I would have an insider’s look at the type of writing publishers want and I’d make connections with some people who could help me publish my own works. So when you think about it, a publishing career would be a career of reading that also boosts my career of writing. How great!

Currently I’m applying to several internships for various publishing agencies in NYC. If I’m successful, I’ll let you know. Sadly, I don’t know if I will be successful. I have a Slavic Studies major. It’s so random and I get the feeling that I’ll be looked down upon by publishing agencies.

I suppose the best I can do is try. Why sit back and whine? I was 6th in my class at Trinity College and now I’m on the dean’s list at Columbia University. I’ve written two novels, one novella, and several poems. I’m not just some Joe Schmo. Confidence! Okay. I can do this.


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