Novella Excerpt

I haven’t yet published my second novel, but I’m currently editing my novella and I thought I would give you an excerpt. Here’s a little taste:

“Surrealism has faced a bit of a decline. There aren’t too many Dali’s wandering around with minds as curled and twisted as their Hungarian mustaches. People obsess over the meaningless expanses of logical and linear, colored shapes, perhaps contrasted by the occasional squiggle or careless splotch. Patting themselves on the back, these misinformed people dub their art a visual language of geometry meant to communicate the world’s crippling anxiety and fixation on the rapid development of technology. Art. I might call it deliberate befuddlement or a pleasing assortment of lines and parallelograms and triangles. Pleasing. Much like a painted landscape, the sight is pleasing. But what does it say? More often than not, nothing. That’s a square. That is not a growing sense of isolation birthed by the ever expanding world simultaneously shrinking in on itself by way of phones and Internet. That’s a square.”


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