How Religion Spread

Here’s an interesting video that I thought I’d share.

To me, it’s fascinating that religion spreads around like some disease. I know that has some negative connotations, but I merely mean to say that religion travels where people travel. Over time, it experiences fluctuations in different regions as places evolve and react to various influences.

And, if I’m going to play the angry atheist, then I will ask this: how can anyone believe their religion is the correct religion? Christianity seems to be dominant now, but it wasn’t in the past. It wasn’t even the first religion. Its origin, Judaism, wasn’t the first religion either. Hinduism was first.

But being first and being most popular aside, notice the incredible surge in Islam. Sure, Islam kept its hold on most of the lands it affected, however Christianity then took over as the dominant religion. Its influence spread to cover almost the entirety of the Americas. At first, Muslims must have said, “Look how popular Islam has become. Surely it is the true religion.” Afterwards, though…And that doesn’t mean that Christianity should say their religion is true. My guess is that sooner or later Atheism will dominate. Not for a while, but eventually.


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