A Query on Queries

So I’ve got this great novel that I finished writing a while ago. BECOMING GOD. Damn, I like that title. Makes you think, “Hmm…how does one become God? What makes you a god?”

Oh, right. I have a question!

I submitted 27 query letters for my novel at least a month ago. I think somewhere around 7 agents replied. Although I did receive some requests for (additional) writing samples, the agents declined. There are 20 people left. I’m getting antsy.

Since I am almost done with my third work, a novella about a hallucinatory surrealist painter, I’m ready to wash my hands clean of Becoming God. I definitely enjoyed writing it and reading/editing it several times through, I kinda just want to self-publish Becoming God on Amazon.

Should I wait longer? I could use a little extra cash before I go back to college because Columbia University is not cheap and I am not rich.

Maybe I should wait. The agents could just be ignoring me, but they usually take 2-8 weeks to reply, so maybe I’ll hear from a few more eventually. But I could also market the novel better before school when all of my free time flies out the window. Meh…


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